Anna Hazare : alcohol consumption higher than milk in Gujarat

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Anna Hazare : alcohol consumption higher than milk in GujaratMay 28 (DNA) Anna came, saw and made a surprising observation that in dry Gujarat consumption of liquor is higher than milk! And if you thought the crusader against corruption was exaggerating, think again. For, Anna is right.

For, on any given day, Bacchus lovers of Ahmedabadraise a toast to high spirits than boost their health with milk.In his statement on
Thursday, Hazare had said: “I have noticed that liquor is more readily available here than milk.”

decided to verify the crusaders words: It was found that Gujarat’s mega city, Ahmedabad cocked a snook at state’s ‘dry’ laws, and booze worth Rs6 crore is gulped daily. On an average, Ahmedabad consumes milk worth about Rs4.5 crore every day.

With a population of around 55 lakh, Ahmedabad consumes around 15 lakh litres of milk everyday.

“Given the 300 ml per capita consumption of milk in Gujarat, the state consumes around 180 lakh litre of milk everyday including 15 lakh litres in Ahmedabad alone,” said managing director of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), RS Sodhi.

Though consumption of milk may be much higher in terms of volume, in terms of value liquor takes the cake with 33% more.

“On an average, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), which includes whisky, wine, rum, gin and others, worth Rs2.15 crore is brought to the city every day. Along with that, beer cans worth around Rs85 lakh make their way to the city on a daily basis. The total comes to around Rs3 crore,” informed a well-known and one of the biggest bootleggers of the city.

Meanwhile in the poor areas of Ahmedabad, equal amount of hooch is supplied and consumed everyday.

“Several hooch or country-made liquor dens produce and sell liquor worth Rs3 crore in Ahmedabad every day,” said one of the leading country-made liquor operators in the city.

Gujarat is known to be a dry state and also a hub of milk co-operatives. But ironically, liquor is sold here at premium prices and so the value of liquor sold in the city is much higher. According to a bootlegger, liquor is being smuggled from three neighbouring states. “While a few bootleggers also source it from Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh, liquor is mainly brought in to the city from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra,” he said.

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