A dress for your Barbie doll?

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A dress for your Barbie doll?  June 13 (The Hindu) Nicole in Konduruthy stocks handmade Barbie doll dresses along with an adorable range of clothes for newborns and little girls.

Remember the times when mum would sit behind the sewing machine and stitch a frock for your doll. (There really was a time like that). You would stand beside the whirring machine and watch over it intently, wishing it would be ready soon and on to your little dolly. Mum would go the extra mile and add a bow on the yoke to make it prettier. You would implore for an embroidered frock, the next one, and one with shellac buttons, one with stain ribbons, a smocked oneā€¦.and mum would only encourage your imagination. Dolls dresses have always been little girls’ weakness.

Now mum has no time and stitching doll’s dresses is unheard off. But you can get readymade Barbie doll’s dresses, but that’s if you have a Barbie doll.

Dresses for infants

Boutique Nicole in Konduruthy, Thevara, stocks dresses for Barbie dolls. Diane Alex, proprietor of the lovely store says that the reason for having these pretty doll dresses was to keep the little girls who come along with mummy to shop, busy. Her store stocks the cutest baby frocks, complete baby sets, accessories for tiny tots – hair clips, bows, pretty little shoes, bibs, cribs, cradles, baptism dresses, party frocks and all what you would like to dress your little princess in.

The Barbie dolls dresses are stitched by Diane’s cousin Nella Miranda who lives in Goa. Her passion for stitching these miniature dresses is remarkable says Diane about her cousin. Diane who designs frocks says that making clothes for newborns is a job that requires great detailing, and one can imagine the fine work needed for making dresses for dolls.

Priced between Rs. 100- 200, the Barbie dresses are pretty copies of Hollywood gowns, the red carpet evening dresses, dresses worn by princesses and even regular wear like tennis skirts and blouses. What is simply adorable is the fact that the dresses don’t compromise on the style, finish and panache of the adult line of clothes. So lace, collar, bow, embroidery, satin, pleats, tucks all find a place on the beautiful little dresses.

Saris and fabrics

Diane, along with daughter Nicole design the garments that the store stocks. Besides kidswear you will find a range of fabrics in uncommon prints and colours. There is a tasteful collection of salwar kameez and designer saris, all sourced and put together by Diane. But it’s the Barbie dolls dresses that keep her clients busy for their girls are engaged buying clothes to dress their doll. Diane says happily that the concept of Barbie dolls dresses is working and it’s all the Lord’s blessing!

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