Dress it up, to enter nightclubs!

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Dress it up, to enter nightclubs!25 June (DNA) Mumbai : There have been recent reports of patrons being denied entry to popular nightclubs in the city owing to dress code issues. Usually dress codes are a five star phenomenon, but it has recently been adopted by a few lounges, pubs and nightclubs in the city to give it a very high-end place feel.While it is fine to disallow patrons to enter nightclubs in five-star hotels if not dressed appropriately, we wonder if it is fine for popular nightclubs and hangout zones to enforce this rule.

Sumit Agarwal, 25-year-old working professional was denied entry in one of the leading night clubs in Mumbai last week because he was not wearing socks. The explanation given to him was – either get a pair of socks to enter the place or leave. Considering it is monsoons and it was pouring outside, the authorities should have ideally allowed him to enter the place but they stuck to their guns and didn’t let him in. “I don’t know how nightclubs and discotheques can impose such roles on patrons. It is ridiculous. How do they expect a person to come dressed in shoes and socks in the rainy season? Besides the dress code rule only holds true for a five star hotel, I don’t understand how places like these, especially frequented by the youngsters can have stupid rules”, he rues.

While most owners would argue that it sets the clubs standards and gives it a five star vibe, an owner of a popular nightclub is not in favour of this trend. Not wanting to be named he says, “I find this rule stupid and totally pointless. Along with being a hassle for patrons, it is also a loss of business for us. At times, when we don’t allow our patrons to enter, they almost often never turn up again, ever. Plus if they are in a group, it is natural for them to spread the word about the club and its ridiculous rules, resulting in serious losses for us. It is fine to have a dress code rule for a five star but not otherwise.”

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