Lessons from India’s Richest people

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Lessons from India's Richest peopleJuly 12 (SI) Bangalore: The best leaders take their lessons wherever they find them – whether in the hard knocks of experience, the generosity of their mentors or the clear gaze of their employees.

Lessons from India’s Richest people

Far more than their Western counterparts, Indian leaders and their organizations have made a mark in global business and some of the best practices in the world are adopted from Indian companies. To discover how Indian leaders drive their organizations to high performance, here are few lessons that they have shared:

Mukesh Ambani:

Building morale: Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, the largest private sector enterprise in India says that building morale is what he values the most. He says that motivating people is very important and mastering the art of people management will be a key achievement for any leader. He says that adopting this can also give a competitive edge to a company.

Lessons from India's Richest peopleAzim Premji:

Intuitions are important for making decisions : It is important to realize that our intuition is a very important part of decision making. Many things are recorded by our subconscious.

Use both sides of the brain. Even that is not enough. Some decisions need the use of the heart as well.

When you use your mind and heart together, you may get a completely new and creative answer.

Lessons from India's Richest peopleAnil Ambani:

Trust the Lieutenants: Delegation of power is important. You give a job to some one and if you keep nudging him, he would only be looking behind his shoulder and the work will not get done. Put somebody on a task and let him do the job. On the other hand, if you encourage him, he may come up with some idea that could change the company’s fortunes! The sense of passion to build a successful business is to be shared with all those who have anything to do with the business.

Lessons from India's Richest peopleKumar Birla:

Leadership is very important: Leadership at all levels is very important in the organization as much as leadership at the top. It is about plugging in to the minds and he

arts of people. It is about rallying them around to a compelling and exciting vision of the future. It is about upping the quality of imagination of the organization. The process of change is 90 percent about leadership and only 10 percent about managing.

Lessons from India's Richest peopleSunil Mittal:

Out-of-the-box thinking: Out-of-the-box thinking is one of the essentials of new leadership. Ability to take decisions amidst uncertainties is at the root of new leaders

hip paradigm. Managing the current as well as future breed of volatile customers, reading their mind and predicting the future consumption trend. The ideal CEO is one who has the spirit of an entrepreneurship, who sees opportunities ahead of competition, and who is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

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