Satyamev Jayate : Many Splendors of Truth

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Satyamev Jayate : Many Splendors of TruthMay 10, (DNA) Mumbai: Satyamev Jayate isn’t just two words strung together. In tandem, they are a huge responsibility; big enough for an entire nation or someone truly great like Mahatma Gandhi to be associated with. And in these uncertain times, when ethics are acquiring a twisted new form, Satyamev Jayate is an even bigger burden to assume and carry.

Truth, after all, is not absolute. There are many shades of truth; and it may be presumptuous of an ordinary man to sit in judgment and decide as to which of these many shades of truth is worthy of recommendation to an entire nation. These are tremendous odds and Aamir Khan will be constantly under a critical lens; but he seems to have decided to plunge in.

Objectively speaking, it must be admitted that he has hit the ground running. He had many easier options of course. Other actors have used the small screen commercially; either to prop up a fading movie career or to benefit from the substantial revenues that the small screen now generates. These easy on eye and mind series are sufficiently fluffy to get good revenues for the sponsoring channel. Aamir could have easily fitted such a TV series into his schedule without applying himself to the task seriously. He has the elan and a large enough fan following to have pulled it off successfully. Wisely, he chose not to go for the easy option; as a socially committed artist, he has to do things differently.

Among Aamir’s many blessings is a reputation that he pursues perfection. It is too soon to say that he is heralding a transformative new TV era with Satyamev Jayate, but if the first programme is any indication, the signs are good. If nothing else he is sure to fire peoples’ imagination with the possibility that yes yet another socially vital issue can be taken up without too much fuss. Look, for example, at the way he has presented the tragedy of female infanticide. It was backed with evidence and sound professional research. Having presented the negatives of the issue he went on to give the example of a district magistrate who could bring in the transformation by his zeal.

Admittedly, one shouldn’t laud the programme too much and too soon, if for no other reason then at least to ward off the evil eye.

But even an omen-conscious India would want to wish it Godspeed because the angst in the society is huge. One might say cynically that it is only to be expected in a country as diverse and as large as India; complex problems and multiple mutinies are bound to arise all the time. But the response to that is evidential. In the immediate post- Independence era the inspiration of leaders like Gandhi, Nehru and Patel led people to a largely value-based society. There were aberrations, of course, but there was respect for the other, and a certain morality in business and social conduct. The film industry too pitched in by making many movies with a social message.

Since then, times have changed; a vastly new value system has crept in. Obviously the silent majority is restless; it is not comfortable with this twist in national direction. Hence the angst and anguish. Accompanying this is their hope for betterment and a desire to cling to any reformative straw that happens to come their way.
Anna Hazare entered the national frame just at the right time. For a moment it seemed he was indeed the society’s chosen response to the corruption and Olympic size scandals that tumbled out into the open one after the other. Considering the size of massive crowds, especially the youth, which were drawn to him, it seemed that he was indeed the messiah people were seeking. But the fizz went out of the movement when its gumption got better of the doable. Some blame it on his simplicity, still others fault his advisors for a confusion of objectives with ambition; from corruption they diffused the agenda to take pot-shots at everyone and everything. Still others maintain that Anna Hazare failed because he wanted to be a crusader, without offering a well thought out alternative.

Aamir says he has no such pretentions; that he is not a crusader, he merely aims to point out the right direction. That is how it should be. But the dividing line between restraint and pretention is thin. And that is going to be his big test. Therefore, people should not repeat the mistake of rushing forward once more and hurriedly putting him on a reverential pedestal. Yet another disappointment of the type of Anna Hazare would be dispiriting and disappointing. It might be better to wait, evaluate and then to judge whether Aamir Khan has lived up to his high standards this time too. Meanwhile, let’s watch Satyamev Jayate for the good show it promises to be.

TV Show: Satyamev Jayate (2012)
Timing: Sunday 11:00AM Indian Standard Time

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