Anonymous India protest across India today.

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anonymous-indiaJune 9, Bengaluru: Global hacking movement Anonymous has called for protesters to take to the streets in 18 cities around India on Saturday over what it considers growing government censorship of the internet. Anonymous India, the Indian arm of the movement pledging allegiance to the infamous international network of hackers, held hectic parleys online to garner support.

The call for protest and demonstrations by Anonymous India group follows a March 29 court order issued in the southern city of Chennai demanding 15 Indian Internet providers block access to file-sharing websites.

The Anonymous India previously attacked some government websites, and those of some political parties. Last month, users reported that the hackers tinkered with the service of a large ISP, Reliance Communications, redirecting its users from sites like Facebook and Twitter to a protest page. The hackers also claimed to have attacked the website and servers of Reliance, and got access to a large list of URLs blocked by the company. Reliance denied its servers were hacked.

Through the day, several volunteers pledged support on Facebook pages set up by the group for its ‘OpIndia’ protests. The admins of the group also tweeted through the day through two prominent twitter handles — @op_indiarevenge and @anonDDoS — announcing last-minute change of plans with respect to venues and exhorted the volunteers to try and live stream the event through their mobile devices and pledge support ahead of the protests by posting photos of themselves wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes masks.

Internet users and supporters have been asked to join peaceful rallies in cities including the capital New Delhi and the tech hub of Bangalore, with detailed instructions issued online to participants.

Tech website reported the demonstrators have been asked to wear Guy Fawkes’ masks, download a recorded message to play to police, and are to chant “United as one! Divided as zero! We are Anonymous! We are legion!”

Concerns about Internet freedom in India go beyond the court order in Chennai, however, and stem from an update to India’s Information Technology Act that was given by the IT and communications ministry in April last year.

Anonymous had earlier posted two open letters on their Posterous blog, one addressed to the Government of India and the other to journalists and bloggers.

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