Kapil Sibal’s ‘one nation one test’ proposal rejected by IIT Kanpur, will conduct its own entrance test.

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iit-khanpur-emblemJune 9, Kanpur: The IIT kanpur decided to conduct its own entrance exam for undergraduate programmes from 2013. Rejecting Human Resource development Minister Kapil Sibal’s ‘one nation, one test’ proposal, the institute’s 210-member senate took this decision.

A resolution adopted by the meeting also authorized the chairman of the senate to form a committee for conducting JEE 2013 by IIT Kanpur and said that the undergraduate admissions committee would organize the entrance examination and counselling, and deal with all other matters pertaining to the undergraduate admissions in the coming year.

“In the interest of students, we have decided to hold a separate exam. We will not be part of the joint test proposed by the IIT council in 2013,” said Dr YN Mohapatra, spokesperson, IIT-Kanpur senate, adding that the rules gave IIT senates the right to decide their admission process and syllabi.

“Hopes of lakhs of students each year rest on these exams. So the government shouldn’t take it lightly. The decision on JEE should be taken after proper research and figures are taken into account.” said, IIT Kanpur Professor AK Chaturvedi.

The Senate of IIT Kanpur said that the recent IIT Council proposal on admissions to IITs is academically and methodically unsound and in violation of the Institutes of Technology Act (1961) and IIT Kanpur Ordinances (Ordinance 3.2 (Admissions).

Everyone felt that JEE’s new format was not good for either the future of the students or the institute. Now, a panel will be constituted and will outline our own admission guidelines. This decision will be communicated to the IIT council and other IIT senates,” a faculty member who attended the meeting said.

According to the professors, the senates of the first five IITs – Kanpur, Delhi, Madras, Kharagpur and Bombay – which first agreed to admit students through a joint entrance test also have the power to disassociate themselves at will.

The decision came days after government rejected criticism of the decision to have a common IIT-JEE examination from 2013.

Sibal had claimed that it was approved without dissent at the IIT Council meeting and had the backing of the senates of four of the seven Indian Institutes of Technology.

Meanwhile, The IIT-Kanpur Students’ Forum had criticised the single entrance test format for all engineering admissions, saying it would put students under greater stress.

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