Ranvir Sena chief Brahmeshwar Singh killed in Bihar.

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Brahmeshwar-singh-mukhiyajiJune 1, Patna: Chief of Ranvir Sena, Brahmeshwar Singh alias Mukhiya ji was shot dead on Friday by unidentified gunmen in Bihar’s Ara town.

Brahmeswar Singh headed the Ranvir Sena, an organisation alleged to have carried out numerous mass killings of low caste villagers.

Police said that Mr Singh was accused of more than 200 murders, all of which he denied.

Rural Bihar is a feudal society where caste barriers are rigidly enforced.

Singh was on a morning walk when he was accosted by gunmen who pumped several bullets into him, killing him on the spot at Katira Mohalla under Nawada police station, 71 kms from Patna, they said.

He formed the Ranvir Sena in 1992 and fought with lower caste groups and Maoists who opposed the upper-caste landlords.

Mr Singh spent nine years in prison on various charges and was released on bail in May 2011.

His private militia was accused of carrying out several massacres, including one in Lakshmanpur Bathe area in 1997, in which 60 dalits or “untouchables” were killed.

Mr Singh always said he was fighting for the rights of farmers.

The district administration has deployed security forces in the area following the killing.

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