Satyamev Jayate: Recent episode highlights the challenges of differently abled.

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satyamev-jayate-6thJune 11, Mumbai: Satyamev Jayate’s sixth episode comes as a relief for differently abled. The episode highlighted the real issues and facts about the challenges of disabled people.

The show started off with a video which showed an 11-year-old Shreya Chaturvedi who lives in New Delhi with her mother and could not walk. The girl said, “My mom loves me a lot. Oh God! I share everything with my mom not as a daughter but as a friend. I love my mom, I love my teachers, I love my school and I love my house.” Little Shreya aspires to become a teacher or doctor. She says she never feel negative about her disability and hopes she will learn to walk one day. “I am happy with my life and thank God for whatever he has blessed me with,” she says.

The host, Aamir Khan spoke about the importance of education for a differently abled person as a boy named Sai related his experiences around the same. Many on the show blamed the country’s infrastructure, while visually impaired Krishnakanth Mane blamed it on the people and said that citizens too need to be socially conscious. Mane also spok

e about the importance of technology in his life and how he considered it an extension of himself. This makes you wonder about those who have no access to technology or the ones in remote parts of the country who are unaware of their rights.

There is a popular superstition that disability in your present life is considered a result of your sins in past life. The very logic behind this, ‘you must have done something really evil to have deserved this’ was questioned. Also, the very definition of being “disabled” was opened up for interpretation. Many didn’t consider themselves “disabled” at all.

The episode took up various aspects of the issue, but its main focus remained ‘access to education’. A school, Amar Jyoti in New Delhi, was shown as a ‘model educational institution’ where abled and differently-abled study together with access to all teaching aids required for such an endeavor.

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