2012 Olympics: a masterful opening ceremony in might and magic

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london-olympics-opening2July 28, London: “British” humor and magic were at the ceremony on Friday night for the kickoff of the London Olympics. The queen, nearly seventy heads of state and government, the 80,000 spectators on the stage of Stratford and the world glued to their television were treated to a spectacular show, inventive and quirky, drawing deeply into British identity .

Danny Boyle, one of Britain’s most successful filmmakers, who directed “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Trainspotting,” had a ball with his favored medium, mixing filmed passages with live action to hypnotic effect, with 15,000 volunteers taking part in the show.

Queen Elizabeth II playing along with movie magic from Boyle provided the highlight of the Oscar-winner’s high-adrenaline show. With film trickery, Boyle made it seem that Britain’s beloved 86-year-old monarch and its most famous spy parachuted into the stadium together.

They were shown flying in a helicopter over London landmarks and a waving statue of Winston Churchill – the queen in a salmon-colored dress, Bond dashing as ever in a black tuxedo – before leaping into the inky night over Olympic Park.

At the same moment, real skydivers appeared as the stadium throbbed to the James Bond theme. And moments after that, the monarch appeared in person, accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip.

Organizers said it was thought to be the first time she has acted on film.

“The queen made herself more accessible than ever before,” Boyle said.

In the stadium, Elizabeth stood solemnly while a children’s choir serenaded her with “God Save the Queen,” and members of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force raised the Union Jack.

Boyle sprang another giant surprise and picked seven teenage athletes for the supreme honor of igniting the Olympic cauldron. Together, they touched flaming torches to trumpetlike tubes that spread into a ring of fire.

The flames rose and joined elegantly together to form the cauldron. Fireworks erupted over the stadium to music from Pink Floyd. And with a singalong of “Hey Jude,” Beatle Paul McCartney closed a show that ran 45 minutes beyond its scheduled three hours.

london-olympics-openingOrganizers said the cauldron would be moved on Sunday night to the corner of the stadium where a giant bell tolled during the show.

In minutes, the Olympic Stadium was filled with smokestacks and machinery, and a reflection of the social upheaval that it brought in its wake. It was fast, dynamic and on a huge scale, perhaps on such a big scale that some segments may have been hard to see, but to criticise too much would be nit-picking.

Boyle said he had tried to reflect the values that “are honest and true”, and nothing reflects that more than the British National Health service, which ensures everyone can receive free medical treatment no matter their class, wealth or status.

A dance with nurses, who all work for the NHS reflected that wonderfully, while the “sick” children provided the stage to highlight children’s literature. A glimpse at some of the characters on view — Lord Vordemort, the Queen of Hearts, Peter Pan, the Childcatcher and the savior of the hour, Mary Poppins, who descended in multitude to vanquish the bad guys gave just a glimpse of just how many of our loved personalities have come from these eyes.

Mr.Bean was also there, as was a homage to British cinema, British family life and a run through pop-culture. The final section of the ceremony celebrated digital communication and ran through some of the hits and TV shows of the 1960s, 70s and 80s up to the present.

The section even began to the music from long-running radio show “The Archers”, itself a reflection of the change these islands have undergone. All in all, it was carried out with speed, skill and perhaps most importantly, with affection. That is how it should be.

london-olympics-opening1The show continued into a much more festive, with an enjoyable overview of British music culture since the 1960s, the Rolling Stones to Dizzee Rascal through to David Bowie. Visibly pleased, the public does not hide his pleasure when, driven by a riot of lights.

The flame carried by seven young athletes

Small nations often have as a great success during the parade of 205 delegations, led to lively rhythms to encourage athletes not to dwell on the track. Shortly after 0:15 am, the queen said “open the London Olympics.”

No mystery guest to light the Olympic flame, carried to the stage by David Beckham, but seven young athletes lighting the Olympic cauldron. A beautiful picture again.

Nearly 10,500 athletes will now compete for 302 medals in play in 26 sports. After 17 days of competition (July 27-August 12), Not only India hopes to break her record of medals in Beijing Olympics, but the tricolor especially wants to bring a little more medals of the finest metal.

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