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facebook-sponsored adsJuly 21, San Francisco: Always looking for new growth, Facebook increases the reflections on advertising formats. Recognizing that traditional models are far from being the most effective, the social networking giant is working on original formats.

After launching sponsored news, Facebook is currently testing the sponsored search results, TechCrunch reveals. For now, the search bar of Facebook (this constantly at the top of the page) to find people, one-page sites, applications or trademarks.

This would now allow advertisers to interfere in the results just like Google with sponsored links displayed on a motion on the engine.

Thus, when searching on Facebook, the results may appear natural and contextualized ads based on keywords entered. These ads must necessarily refer to another page Facebook (branded page, fan page) but not to a Web page. It is still and always retain the user in the ecosystem Facebook.

Sponsored results will be displayed as suggestions when typing the first letter of first name of a contact.

The model is simple and copied from Google where advertisers buy keywords paying cost per click.

Given the huge audience of Facebook, the sponsored search results can quickly turn into a jackpot for Facebook. But the question is how far the search bar of social network is used.

On the volume and queries (mostly names of individuals or products / brands?), Facebook is stingy with information. Moreover, the network said that this is a test that will be validated based on results and feedback from members. Not sure that they are delighted with this latest foray into the advertising site.

A recent study shows that users of social networks that largely criticize the presence of increasingly intrusive advertising and Facebook put in last place in terms of satisfaction.

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