Microsoft Office 2013 customer preview released.

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ms-office-2013-previewJuly 18, San Francisco: On July 16, Microsoft released a free trial of the next version of Office in an edition of “Customer Preview” freely downloaded by anyone (individuals as professionals).

Office Customer Preview comes in several versions of Click-to-Run, which do not reference to the name “Office 2013”. Office 365 Family Premium Preview for use “at home”, Office 365 small Business Office Premium for small business and  Office 365  ProPlus for  advanced customer.

This new version of Microsoft Office aimed at home users, the default location for saving a document is the cloud–Microsoft’s SkyDrive service. In the next version for business, the default will be to save to SharePoint. Or maybe SkyDrive Pro, a version of the cloud storage service featuring more enterprise controls. Of course, you can still store files to your local machine, or change the settings to make that the default–but Microsoft wants to make that the last choice on the list. SkyDrive, SharePoint, and other web locations for storing your document all come first, because when it’s stored on the web or your business network, it’s easier to share.

These versions are only in English, and require Windows 7 or Windows 8 (for example Windows 8 Preview Release). Office Customer Preview is indeed not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista.

365 Premium Family Office Preview contains Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher. The Pro versions contain in addition the “Unified Communication platform” Lync.

In addition, Microsoft offers – discreetly – a version of Office Professional Plus 2013, which itself is not click-to-Run but installable in a conventional manner with an MSI package. Warning: this version does not support installing multiple versions of Office on the same machine! And you need to uninstall an existing version of Office before installing it. To book, therefore, to a test PC.

To download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview, go to the page indicated in the section “Further reading” below. At the bottom of the page, click the Download. Msi package now.

Microsoft puts a lot of hope in Office 2013. For the group, this launch is all the more strategic than the division with the office suite is the one that has the highest level of sales for over a year and a half – since the fourth quarter of 2010 to be exact. This entity (Microsoft Business Division) also includes Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and the variation of SaaS Office (Office 365).

Any new version of Office is always an event. According to Microsoft’s office suite is now used by more than one billion people worldwide. In many respects, Office is even more popular than Windows. It is also the main “cash cow” because of its Microsoft Business Division (which manages Office) is also the most profitable and accounts for half of its net income.

But the market moves. In the U.S., about a third of companies looking for office solutions in the cloud Google chooses (or plans). The touch and tablets like the iPad also require a different approach to office. And mobile usage have proliferated to the point that, as individual as part of the work, it was all a bit today need access to our documents from everywhere and at any time.

With Office 2013, Microsoft has much immediate response to these uses and keep after him all his supremacy. But the company also seeks to find new ways to maintain its profitability at a time when the shelves are leading the price of “apps” down and where competition from open source ( is undeniable.

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