Oily Skin: How to deal with it?

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oily-skin-careWhat is oily skin?

Oily skin is characterized by a shiny skin, of buttons, black spots, enlarged pores and irregular relief. T-zone that corresponds to the forehead, nose and chin is generally the most affected, there the skin is brighter than the rest of the face and as a result the complexion becomes dull and fuzzy.

Seborrhea, the excess of sebum in the skin, is the leading cause of oily skin. Normally sebum is secreted just enough so that the skin is soft, lubricated, flexible, and protected against humidity and drought, by retaining water it needs. While oily skin in men may disappear in 18-20 age, in women it will be after 25 because of the makeup.

A skin can become oily in the presence of pollution, heat, humidity as well as UV or hormonal imbalance. Oily skin requires a lot of hygiene, care and vigilance about the products that we apply it. Indeed, to avoid cross-infection it is best to avoid contact with unwashed hands or hair exposed to dust or pollution.

How to get rid of oily skin?

We must initially clean the skin to remove impurities and make the skin “breathe”. Choose a cleanser like, a micellar water or foaming gel cleanser for “extra oily skin” that moisturize the skin while providing a sebo-regulating function.

In the morning, start by ridding your skin of sebum residues of the night luke warm water and wake it with a toner to tighten pores. In the evening, the idea is to rid your skin of impurities accumulated during the day.

Bring a complement to your oily skin care by performing once or twice a week exfoliation followed by a purifying mask. On your shopping list, prefer soft scrubs and natural scrub.

Regular steaming is also very effective in treating the oily skin. By steaming the fat and sebum deposits in your skin is melted to an extend that it can be removed easily with any natural scrub.

Once cleansed, your skin will be more able to receive the benefits of a purifying mask. Your skin will then be cleared of all impurities and your pores will be tightened: the ideal combination to refine your skin texture!

And to show beautiful skin you can not say it enough, you nurture your lifestyle!. To do this, go for a restful sleep, a diet rich in fiber and vitamins, reduce stress and smoking! And of course, drink 2 liters of water to eliminate toxins.

Finally a special trick: remember to change your pillowcase, because pillows are where the residues of sebum embeds itself!!

How to makeup oily skin?

The watchword in makeup for oily skin is matte. Initially, after cleaning your oily skin, apply a cream colored matting. This is a good compromise between the foundation and cream matting. If you are not very adept in one of two, you can always opt for a mattifying foundation ranges in non-comedogenic and non acnégènes often available in pharmacies.

If your flaws are too visible choose a foundation covering and smoothing. Natural effect guaranteed!

But we must avoid at all costs the oil-based products. To do this, refer rather to cosmetics containing the name “oil free” (non-greasy and non-comedogenic).

If you have any doubt in your choice, trust Fruit acids, which gradually exfoliate the skin, tighten pores and reduce the formation of blackheads.

To avoid the “too much” makeup effect, choose a loose powder of good quality as mineral powders. They will give you good looks in a light!
And to correct your pimples and your rashes, choose a tinted corrector stick bought from pharmacies.

Finally ladies, please note that the makeup for oily skin need a lot of hygiene. The fountation must be changed regularly and take care of the makeup tools. When using a compact foundation or powder, remember to clean the sponge or brush to prevent bacterial growth.

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