Syria conflict: The rebels control a route to Turkey

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syria-warJuly 30, Damascus: Syrian rebels on today Morning took over a strategic checkpoint which enables agencies to deliver reinforcements and ammunition to their comrades in Aleppo, on the third day of offensive launched by the regime forces in the second city of the country.

In south-west of Aleppo, Syria’s economic capital, government forces said they were again masters of part of Salaheddin, but the rebels denied.

While the army launched distructive attack on Saturday to try to dislodge the rebels from Aleppo, the second largest city and economic heart of Syria, Free Syrian Army (FSA, composed of deserters and civilians who took up arms) took an important checkpoint in Anadan, which now allows them to transit to the Turkish border town, located about 45 km.

“The checkpoint Anadan, five miles northwest of Aleppo, was taken at 5am (2am GMT) after ten hours of fighting,” said the rebel general on site Ferzat Abdel Nasser.

Six soldiers were killed and 25 were taken prisoner, told the General that the rebels lost four men.

A free passage to Turkey is vital for the rebels, the SLA headquarters located there. And if opponents manage to seize Aleppo they have created is a “safe zone” in northern Syria.

Moreover, after three days of fighting in Aleppo, a security source in Damascus told news agencies that the regular troops had retaken control of the area Monday Salahuddin, chief rebel stronghold.

Abdel Jabbar al-Oqaidi, head of the rebel military council of Aleppo, assured that the soldiers had “not moved forward one meter”.

“We pushed a new assault against Salaheddin in the night, and we destroyed four tanks,” said the colonel who had called the day before the West to establish a no-fly zone over northern Syria and accused the regime of preparing “a massacre” in Aleppo.

Sunday evening, the official SANA news agency announced that the soldiers were trying to “cleanse” the area of Salaheddine “terrorists”, term used by authorities to describe the rebels.

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