Windows 7: Microsoft claims 630 million copies sold world wide

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windows-7July 10, San francisco: According to Microsoft, 50% of companies have switched to Windows 7 which should soon overtake Windows XP to become the most widely used version.

Although the most important announcement concerned the availability dates for Windows 8, Microsoft has also used its World wide Partner Conference to talk about Windows 7 and announce that to date 630 million copies had been passed. Companies have now taken the turn of the new OS with a utilization rate that exceeds 50%. Windows XP is still present and it is still the version of Windows the most widely used.

At a time when attention is focused on Windows 8, Net Applications reported that given the trends, it is next month that Windows 7 will manage to pass by Windows XP.

According to Net Applications, Windows XP currently has a market share of 43.6%, while Windows 7 points to 41.6%. Trends show the order of a loss of one point per month for Windows XP when Windows 7 wins.

But, according to StatCounter, Windows 7 has already surpassed Windows XP since the end of 2011, and currently 50% for Windows 7 against 30% for Windows XP.

The commercial launch of Windows 8 should take place next fall and the question arises with each new OS Windows: The following will he quickly adopted from the predecessor? In this sense, Windows Vista has been a dismal failure and Windows 7 had to wait to catch up with Windows XP. Remember also that the support for Windows XP ends in April 2014.

Although difficult to say at the this moment that, Microsoft’s challenge is also to intrude on the market shelves. For Windows users who have not yet taken the plunge, Windows 8 could be a trigger.

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