Windows Phone: Nokia launches its navigation application.

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nokia-lumia-gps-addJuly 16, San Francisco: Make it more attractive for its range of Lumia Windows Phone, Nokia has opted to develop exclusive free applications. After launching Nokia and Nokia Music Drive, Finnish announces the availability of final version of Nokia Transportation (2.1.0).

As its name suggests, this is a navigation application dedicated to public transportation. Just enter a starting point and an ending point and the application will give you the different possible routes on a map using the metro, bus, the time of the route and time of arrival.

The route can be made in advance where to geo locate. It is also possible to pinpoint the route on the home screen of its Lumia via one of the famous tiles of Windows Phone.

For a hundred cities, Nokia Transportation provides the same times and is therefore able to offer the fastest route. More generally, the free application covers the transport of 450 cities worldwide.

The application is available in Microsoft’s Marketplace for Lumia 600, 710, 800 and 900.

After 2 million copies sold in the first quarter, Nokia had sold 3.8 million Lumia between April and June, according to estimates by Reuters. This is the entry level model, the Lumia 610 which would meet the greatest success.

The arrival of Windows Phone in markets like China and the U.S. also helped boost volumes.

A recent study by Kantar Worldpanel confirms this trend. There is a rise of Windows Phone (including 80% of sales are made by Nokia) throughout Europe, particularly in Britain where the Microsoft OS from 1.7% to 3.7% market share. In Germany, this share rises to 5.4%. In France, Windows Phone has gained 0.9 points in one year to 2.5%.

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