Finally, Microsoft dumps Hotmail, launches new email service named

| | serviceAug 1, Redmond: It’s not a facelift, it is a face transplant. Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled the beta version of its new email service. Farewell Hotmail, up to Outlook. The real news: the site is modern, simple and functional, and no longer ashamed to face Gmail. It remains to convince users to return.

“We think it is time to reinvent the email. So today we present an overview of”, said a Microsoft executive, Chris Jones, a group blog. Noting that since the launch of Gmail from Google in 2004, which provides virtually unlimited storage capacity, “not much has changed” in terms of messaging, Mr. Jones said it was “time to rediscover email, an email modern, connected, intelligent, powerful and in control “.

From yesterday users could create a new, or, if they had a hotmail account, switch to the new system – either by keeping their original address @ hotmail, or by adopting the new termination . A mechanism is also expected to switch Gmail users or any other messaging system on

This messaging service has particular characteristic of being “connected to Facebook, Twitter, LindedIn, Google and Skype to soon provide the context and communications that rely on messaging,” said Microsoft in his blog. “In the Outlook Inbox.Com, your emails come alive with pictures of friends, recent news’ (a thread to Facebook) and tweets, the possibility of instant chat or make calls videos – all with an address book always up to date, connected to your social networks “, promises Microsoft, assuring that provided the user can continue to segment its correspondents.

“Of course you control the experience, what you communicate, the networks that you connect, and your personal information,” the group argues.

According to figures from comScore, Hotmail remains the leading email service with 324 million users end of June, about 36% of the world. But it is losing ground to Gmail, Google’s competing service, which now controls 31% of the market. Yahoo Mail remains stable around 32%.

More problematic for Microsoft, many users do not use (or more) @ hotmail address as their main account. The slow death of MSN and an interface greatly exceeded caused a mass exodus to Gmail, especially among the most technically advanced users.

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