Syria: Army and rebel against tribes in Aleppo, 132 dead including 76 civilians on Wednesday

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syria-at-warAug 2, Damascus: Heavy fighting took place on Wednesday between the regime army and rebels in Aleppo. Supported by tribal fighters, the rebels who want to seize the headquarters of the intelligence services to establish their control over Syria’s second city.

Aware of the issue, President Bashar al-Assad said that the army fought a battle “crucial” for the country’s destiny.

“The enemy is among us today, using agents from within as a means to destabilize the country,” said the president.

Reacting to Assad, the U.S. has described him as “cowardly” man who hides while ordering his soldiers to continue to kill civilians.

Even if the insurgents on the ground have scored points with the taking of three police stations Tuesday in Aleppo, new divisions have emerged between the rebel command in exile and that of the interior.

Meanwhile, 132 dead on Wednesday, including 76 civilians, 43 soldiers and 13 rebels, reports the Observatory of the Syrian Human Rights (OSDH), in which over 20,000 people were killed in Syria since March in 2011.

Violent clashes took place between the members of the clan of pro-government rebels in Berri in the Bab Nairab, eastern Aleppo, following the execution of a head of Berri, Berri Zeino by Army Syrian free (ASL), composed of deserters and civilians who took up arms.

According to security sources, this important Sunni clan, which has lent a hand to the regime in exchange for advantages in coming thirty years , has promised to retaliate by sending into battle “thousands” of fighters.

Moreover, a rebel fighter in Salaheddin, rebel stronghold in the west of Aleppo, said that “the soldiers of the regular army had tried unsuccessfully to get into our neighborhood.”

“We are in 2000 Salaheddin and every day more fighters come to join us,” he told AFP “Abu Mossab”.

The rebel leader in Aleppo, Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Oqaidi, has reported “thousands” of insurgents, security sources estimate their number at 4,000.

According to the spokesman of the rebel within, Colonel Kassem Saadeddine, the insurgents control “50%” of Aleppo and almost all of the province.

After the symbolic capture of three police stations Tuesday in Aleppo, the rebels appear determined to seize the seat of intelligence.

For General Abdel Nasser Ferzat, a commander of the ASL, “the most important thing is taking the seats of information: If these sites fall, victory is possible.”

The regular army bombed the rebel districts of Aleppo, but progress in the field, repelled after a first attack by insurgents on July 28.

The UN said for his part that the army had used jet fighters and insurgents now had heavy weapons, including tanks.

“The army’s morale is at rock bottom, (the Plan) knows that if he brought his tanks through the houses and inhabitants, there is a greater risk of defections,” assured Colonel Oqaidi.

Faced with starvation looming, the World Food Programme (WFP) announced that it has sent food aid to Aleppo.

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