Team Anna’s political alternative: Supporters not happy with the decision

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team-anna-political-partyAug 4, New Delhi: Before ending their hunger fast in Delhi on Friday, Team Anna announced at Jantar Mantar they are forming a political party which will contest the elections. However, Anna Hazare, 75, said he will not run for office, but will support his aides. But the supporters are against the team’s decision to form a political party. Even some dejected Anna Hazare supporters at Navsari in Surat burnt posters of Anna and India Against Corruption.

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, however, made it clear that he would not contest any election, but said that he would back his team’s party. “I will not form a party. I will not contest in any elections. But I am ready to provide an alternative to the people of this country because people like VK Singh and other eminent people have given us encouragement,” said Anna.

It was Anna’s right-hand man, Arvind Kejriwal, visibly weak after a ten-day hunger strike, who announced the activists’ political agenda. “You will name our party,” he told the crowd at Anna’s sit-in protest at Jantar Mantar.” In a lengthy speech before ending his 10-day hunger strike, Mr Kejriwal elaborated on what the new party will stand for – transparency, better education, secularism, the poor farmer, the ripped-off aam admi. “This party will not be like others, the public will decide our agenda. We don’t want to win elections…we want to challenge the existing parties. The donations we receive will be posted on our website…this will dare the others to follow,” he added.

Former Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde, a core team member of Team Anna, has said he is opposed to the idea of Team Anna forming a political party. Justice Hegde told, “I will not enter politics. If Anna has decided to form a political party, I won’t oppose that. I have expressed my views to the core committee. But then the decision will be what the majority of the team takes.”

“I don’t support Anna Hazare and his team starting a political party. But I have heard Anna speaking on TV that he is neither forming a party nor contesting elections, but may support people wanting to contest elections whom he knows will help the cause of fight against corruption and bring about political change in the country,” he said.

Swami Agnivesh also slammed Team Anna for its decision. He said, “Anna has broken the sanctity of ‘anshan’ (fast). Anshan is always the last option. This is a black day.” “Calling off the anshan and looking at an alternative political option has hurt the dignity of the fast that was introduced by Mahatama Gandhi. They should apologise to the country to have used the sentiments of the country,” Agnivesh said.

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