Foundation: choice, types, and application

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 Foundation: choice, types, and application Hi girls, I hope you had a nice weekend! Today I will write about foundation, something that most women use, sometimes good sometimes bad …

The base is one of the products that help us to give a soft, smooth, and almost porcelain skin, its purpose is to match it and hide imperfections with your application.

Choice: For all there is a different, mainly have to look at our skin type and color. And you should always know the time of purchase: the base must be the same color as your skin, or a very similar, has to merge with it, whether to apply it is almost imperceptible to the eye, this is your ideal base.

Always when you try, do it with good lighting and in your face (at the bottom of the cheek, near the jaw) ever in the wrist or hand, as many women do, because the tone there, not the same that the skin.

One of the worst mistakes you make in makeup base is using a different tone we should, and the idea is always to highlight the beauty, not overshadow.

Base rates: They come in different types to suit our needs, and usually have three types of coverage: liquid, cream and powder, of which combinations emerged as mousse, cream, powder, moisturizer with color, and mineral.

The minimum coverage: give the skin a soft night light. The middle schoolers, are indicated for skin with red spots on the nose, cheeks, or chin. And the total coverage is recommended for women with skin blemishes, inflammation, or uneven pigmentation.

Liquid and cream: is the base rate plus known, the advantage is that it is very easy to apply and blends well with the skin, giving a very natural look. Your coverage is intermediate, and often have components that moisturize and nourish the skin, so it is recommended for dry skin, but also for all skin types.

Creamy: have full coverage, and thus hides imperfections very mild and severe. Its texture is thicker than the liquid, so it must be avoided in mixed or oily, because it can cause acne. It is recommended for normal to dry skin.

Powder and cream-powder: powder, skin favors in summer or hot weather, because it gives a matte finish that hides the glow, and prevents lumps.

Cream-Powder: It is the fusion of cream foundation and powder, is very effective for oily and combination, and is the best because it covers less transparency.

Oil free: free oil bases (oil-free) are indicated for people with oily skin or acne. It is very easy to use because it spreads like liquid foundation, and the best way to do this is with your fingers trying to cover the entire face.

Moisturizer color: Ideal for normal skin and almost no flaws, since its coverage is minimal. Includes moisturizer and / or sunscreen, and gives a hint to the skin, giving a very natural finish.

And Mineral Mousse: are made from natural minerals, and while the product is 100% natural, most of the ingredients they are. Recommended for sensitive and dry skin, because they help maintain skin moisture. We find mineral bases in cream form, liquid or loose powder.

Mousse: intermediate-coverage is low, and texture-based gel powder is very easy to apply, is suitable for all skin types, especially dry.

Application: The first thing to do is to clean and moisturize the skin, wait until the moisturizer is absorbed well, corrected (with correction) if you have imperfections, and It started to apply it. Always in a good light.

Tools: You can apply it with your fingertips, sponge, or a foundation brush For best application, it is best to place the base on the face and not on the wet sponge, or other tools, so at least I do.

After very little applied on forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, the product began to slide with the chosen tool, always from the inside out and from the bottom up. Once done, blend well, especially under the jaw, so they will not notice the difference between the face and neck.

Finally: I want to recommend few products but it will be better if you give me a call @ 09212031465 or email me @ for product suggestions. I will be more happy to help you. Thanks for stopping by!

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