Tips to remove blackheads at home

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Tips to remove blackheads at homeThey are unsightly, ugly and worse … are always visible. Continue reading if you want to decode it.

If there is something that many women hate in our face, those are the black dots. Because they are ugly, they are there and in areas as visible as in the T. Although there are many that do not support them and encourage them to remove them just as, while on the other hand are more fearful girls who prefer alternatives such as use of a beauty salon.

But not everyone can attend so we always make a professional facial, before this we collect a series of tips and advice to exfoliate your skin at home and finish once and for all with these black dots torture you every time you look in the mirror.

What do we need?

Pot in which we boil water.
Latex gloves.
hydrating facial
Moisturizing mask or purifying

Now what?

1. Removes make skin and eyes completely.
2. Heat water in a pot until boiling.
3. About Face to pot, surrounding it with a towel so that the steam is directed to our face and soften.
4. With latex gloves (or very clean hands) in front of a mirror and began to remove the black spots we find (if you feel that the skin is too hard, you need to apply more steam).
5. Then apply a moisturizing mask or cleansing.
6. Finally moisturize our skin with the cream that we use regularly.

After this process, it is advisable to apply makeup or anything that can get dirty face we have open pores to remove blackheads. If you boil water seems too complicated, you can do the procedure after the shower (especially if you’re from showering with hot water). The objective is to soften the skin, and with it also impurities.

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