Which IPhone your should buy and how to get it at discounted price!!

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apple 5s discount

apple phone discount

Steve Jobs made IPhones the first choice for each person who want to have the best smart phone. He made it a status symbol and world follow Apple for new and updated I phones.

Not so long ago, when you wanted to buy a new iPhone, the choice came down to one thing: how much storage would you get and, as a result, how much would you pay? But the question has been changed as Iphone have variety of versions, and it ask to made a choice, 4s or 5s.

If you are in India you might think you should go with 4s, may be you think that the Indian service providers are not ready for 5s so why you go for some extra thousands. But my dear friend you are wrong, most of the big players are going to launch 4g network which will work better with 5s.

lets give you few more points to consider:

  1. It’s the latest & greatest – Since the 5S is the newest high-end model, when you have it you’re on the cutting edge of iPhone technology. This generally means that all aspects of the iPhone 5S are superior to its predecessors. It does, also, have all the basic iPhone features, like Siri and FaceTime.
  2. Large screen – Like the 5 and 5C, the 5S has a 4-inch Retina Display screen running at 1136×640 pixels.
  3. Faster processor – The iPhone 5S’s Apple A7 processor is, according to Apple, about 40% faster than the A6 processor in the 5C. The A7 is also 64-bit, meaning it can access more memory at the same time than the 32-bit A6. This doesn’t necessarily translate into a speed boost, but it can improve performance in some processing-intensive tasks.
  4. Better camera & video – While the 5S’s camera is 8 megapixels, just like the 5C’s, it has a number of other improvements, including slow-motion video recording, dual-flash for better color fidelity, automatic image stabilization, and more.
  5. Fingerprint scanner – As of now, the iPhone 5S is the only iPhone with an integrated fingerprint scanner built into the Home button. This is a great security feature–when you have it, you can forget about needing to enter passcodes and passwords to access your device and accounts.

M7 Motion co-processor – This new chip works with the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope in the 5S to enable new kinds of sports, fitness, and physically aware apps.

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