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Oily Skin: How to deal with it?


What is oily skin? Oily skin is characterized by a shiny skin, of buttons, black spots, enlarged pores and irregular relief. T-zone that corresponds to the forehead, nose and chin is generally the most affected, there the skin is brighter than the rest of the face and as a result the complexion becomes dull and […]

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Facial Exercise: A way to maintain the beauty of your face

facial-excersises reduces signs of aging

July 23 IBA India: Daily, the skin and muscles of our face are subjected to severe tests like hot or cold weather, pollution, our own facial gestures, over use of cosmetics and of course the sagging of face due to aging. Like the rest of our body, face also need to be maintained. Small facial […]

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The bicycle would undermine women’s sexual health


July 23, New Delhi: The bicycle would reduce the sensitivity of women, especially when the seat is higher than the handlebars. we already knew that regular cycling can reduce sexual performance of men. But it seems that the bike is not without risks for the female libido. This sport could even significantly reduce their sensitivity. […]

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Green Tea: Beauty Tips and Benefits


July 21, IBA India Beauty Academy: The big pharmaceutical and cosmetics providers have at last noticed that the key to healthy and long lasting beauty lies with plants. Green tea, in specific, has turn out to be definitely one of the most significant components in numerous products. It can be used and applied topically to […]

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Physical inactivity kills as much as tobacco

Physical inactivity kills as much as tobacco

July 20, New Delhi: One in ten deaths would be linked to lack of exercise, according to a series of studies published in a health journal. Scientists are alarmed by a public health problem they consider “undervalued” by the authorities. Physical inactivity is very dangerous as much as smoking or use of tobacco in other […]

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Beauty Benefits OF Turmeric

turmeric-beauty tips and benefits

Turmeric is widely used as a dye and has been present in the culture of many countries for over 4000 years. In India, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries turmeric is an essential ingredient in many health and beauty recipes. In Asia it is used in the rituals of beauty. Turmeric has many properties including […]

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Truvada, the first anti-AIDS preventive drug marketed in the U.S.


July 18, Washington: Truvada, the first AIDS treatment, will be marketed in the United States. The U.S. agency (FDA) has given the green light Monday. This antiretroviral U.S. laboratory Gilead Sciences is intended for people at risk but not infected with AIDS. This should help, according to authorities, to reduce new infections. Truvada, taken daily, […]

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AIDS: the end of this pandemic is possible?


July 16, Washington: A week before the start of the international conference on AIDS in Washington, health officials and researchers are optimistic about the possibility of ending this devastating pandemic through the arsenal of existing treatments. “Turning the tide of the pandemic to achieve a generation free of AIDS” is one of the themes of […]

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Some Beauty Benefits of Grapes

Grapes and few beauty tips.

Grape is a amazing fruit which is high in nutritional value. It is proved that grapes has numerous beauty benefits too. Either eaten in raw form or applied directly to the skin, grapes are beneficial to enhance your beauty. The grapes are used in the form of the natural cleansers which are useful to clean […]

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A simple vaccine against obesity?


July 12, South Dakota: The global obesity epidemic is a major public health challenge for the 21st century. Given the difficulty to help patients regain a healthy weight, the prospect of a vaccine is no shortage of inspiring hope. Although it is still far from a product intended for humans, the work published recently in […]

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