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Facebook and Yahoo agree on patents, announce partnership in advertising


July 7, San Francisco: The U.S. internet group Yahoo! and the online social network Facebook announced Friday a voluntary agreement on advertising that will end their dispute over patents. “Yahoo! and Facebook have spent a definitive agreement to launch an advertising partnership designed to expand their distribution agreements, and to end all complaints under way […]

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DNSChanger Virus: 275,000 computers will lose the web on July 9


July 6, Washington: Monday, July 9, hundreds of thousands of computers should be cut off from the Web, when the U.S. authorities will disconnect the machines installed temporarily to counteract the consequences of a computer virus. DNSChanger, a virus widely distributed during the year 2011, settled quietly on infected machines, and change how they locate […]

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Apple is preparing to launch a new cheaper iPad to take on Google’s Nexus 7.


July 5, Washington:  The U.S. computer group Apple is preparing to launch a new digital tablet, which would have a smaller screen than its model iPad, reports the Wall Street Journal Wednesday. “The Asian suppliers of components for Apple getting ready for mass production in September, a tablet computer whose screen is smaller than the […]

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Higgs boson: The existence of the God particle about to be confirmed

CERN proton-proton collision

July 4, Geneva: Physicists around the world could push Wednesday morning a sigh of relief if CERN confirms the existence of the famous Higgs boson, the missing link of elementary particles they track for decades. Since last year, the noose continues to tighten around this elusive particle without that researchers have so far managed to […]

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Be alert on SIM card cloning scam, avoid call backing to +92,#90,#09 numbers


July 3, Bangaluru: A new method of cloning SIM cards by giving missed call is on the rise. When the subscribers call back, their phone”s SIM is immediately cloned! The numbers to watch out for are the ones starting with 92, #90 and #09. If a subscriber attends the mobile phone before it starts ringing, […]

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Apple pays $60 million to settle Chinese IPad trademark.


July 2, Guangdong (China): Apple agreed to pay $ 60 million to settle its dispute over the ownership of the name iPad with a manufacturer in China, announced on Monday the High Court of Guangdong Province. Proview, a PC and display vendor now facing possible bankruptcy, however, argued that the company had never officially sold […]

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Google unveils brand-new Nexus 7 tablet pc.


June 28 San Francisco: Google was awaited the turning. After the surprise announcement last week, the launch of Microsoft Surface tablets, the Internet group could not remain a spectator of the battle being prepared on the market shelves. Google unveiled its Nexus 7 tablet at its developers conference in San Francisco, where the company gave […]

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Microsoft buys the professional social network Yammer


June 26, San Francisco: Microsoft, on Monday, announced the acquisition of Yammer, a group specializing in professional social networks, for $1.2 billion, which should allow the world’s leading software company to offer services like Facebook to its business customers. Yammer, created four years ago, boasts five million users. The entity will be integrated into the […]

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Efficient and feature packed Akash 2.0 tablet is ready for launch

akash 2.0 tablet

June 26, Mumbai: An upgraded version of Akash tablet Packed with more features, enhanced speed and increased battery power is ready for release, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal today said. IIT Bombay has come up with new specifications for Aakash, a low cost access cum computing device which includes features like faster processor at 800 MHz […]

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Apple-Motorola: case closed, judge blame both


June 25, Chicago: As was announced, the judge handling the legal battle between Apple and Motorola has closed the case even before the trial came in vivo, noting that none of the two contenders had presented sufficient documentation. Both, Apple and Motorola claimed each had copied the other’s patents. The court initially considered one of […]

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