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Narendra Modi leaves for Davos to attend World Economic Forum

Almost everyone is talking about Narendra Modi’s Davos visit for World Economic Forum. PM Modi is going to be the first leader to address the 48th WEF’s annual meeting, it is a proud moment as India is given chance for the opening address. In an exclusive interview Modi said that he will ask for attention […]

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Taliban leader killed in Afghanistan

World News (DNA): A Taliban leader has been killed in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province, the NATO-led coalition forces confirmed on Tuesday. “During a security operation in Imam Sahib district, Kunduz province, Monday, an Afghan and coalition force killed the Taliban leader Nurullah Khan, and one other insurgent,” reported Xinhua quoting a statement of the International Security […]

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Taliban threatens to kill cricket star Imran Khan.


Aug 9, Islamabad: The terrorist outfit in Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), on Wednesday threatened Imran Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) against a planned march to Waziristan to protest US drone attacks. Although the Pakistani Taliban also oppose the strikes, which have killed many of their associates, spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan said they would […]

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Wisconsin Gurdwara Massacre: the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound


Aug 9, Milwaukee: The Federal Buerau of Investigation (FBI) has revealed who killed six people at a gurdwara in Wisconsin died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after he was shot by police. Wade Michael Page, 40, a former US soldier and a member of a neo-Nazi punk band, was initially said to […]

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US Gurudwara shooting a hate crime, says Sikh communities


Aug 6, Milwaukee (US): The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has started investigations into the Gurudwara shooting that left seven people including the suspected gunman dead and several others injured in Wisconsin on Sunday morning. Four people died inside the Gurudwara, the others were killed outside. Witnesses have described the attacker as a tall, bald, […]

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India abstained from voting in UNGA resolution


Aug 4, Geneva: At a time when violence still rages in Syria, the regime relentlessly pounding Damascus and Aleppo, the international community clings to finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict. One method that has so far resulted in abject failure, culminating Thursday with the resignation of mediator Kofi Hannan. Beijing and Moscow make impossible […]

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Syria: Kofi Annan is stepping down as UN mediator and the Arab League


Aug 3, Geneva: The international envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, will resign at the end of the month at the failure of his peace plan intended to end the violence that continues to rage in Syria 17 months after the outbreak of fighting between the army and rebel forces. The six-point plan of Ghanaian diplomat, […]

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Syria: Army and rebel against tribes in Aleppo, 132 dead including 76 civilians on Wednesday


Aug 2, Damascus: Heavy fighting took place on Wednesday between the regime army and rebels in Aleppo. Supported by tribal fighters, the rebels who want to seize the headquarters of the intelligence services to establish their control over Syria’s second city. Aware of the issue, President Bashar al-Assad said that the army fought a battle […]

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Syrian rebel army got surface-air missile, threat to Assad increases


Aug 1, Damascus: Free Syrian Army rebels fighting the Assad regime obtained nearly two dozen man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), NBC News reported on Tuesday night. The missiles were delivered to them via neighboring Turkey, whose moderate Islamist government has been demanding Assad’s departure with increasing vehemence. The report did not provide details on the […]

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Syria conflict: The rebels control a route to Turkey


July 30, Damascus: Syrian rebels on today Morning took over a strategic checkpoint which enables agencies to deliver reinforcements and ammunition to their comrades in Aleppo, on the third day of offensive launched by the regime forces in the second city of the country. In south-west of Aleppo, Syria’s economic capital, government forces said they […]

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