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Indian Mars mission: Union Cabinet to give NOC today


Aug 2, New Delhi: India has decided to make another ambitious space effort by sending an orbiter to Mars in November 2013. India will be the sixth space power to undertake such an effort after the US, Russia, Europe, Japan and China, whose maiden attempt last year was unsuccessful. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is learnt […]

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Breast cancer and baby’s higher weight at birth is co-related


Aug 1, New Delhi: Women who give birth to a baby weighing 3.75 kg or more had a 2.5 times higher risk of breast cancer, according to a study published by University of Texas. Radek Bukowski of the University of Texas and colleagues analyzed data from two studies. One of them was conducted with 410 […]

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IIT-Kanpur accepts new JEE pattern


July 29, Kanpur: The Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur (IIT-K) on Saturday accepted the new Joint Entrance Exam pattern proposed by the Human Resource Development Ministry, clearing the way to make changes in the reputed examination. The senate of the institute, which met Saturday, decided to accept the recommendations of Joint Admission Board (JAB), […]

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The bicycle would undermine women’s sexual health


July 23, New Delhi: The bicycle would reduce the sensitivity of women, especially when the seat is higher than the handlebars. we already knew that regular cycling can reduce sexual performance of men. But it seems that the bike is not without risks for the female libido. This sport could even significantly reduce their sensitivity. […]

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Physical inactivity kills as much as tobacco

Physical inactivity kills as much as tobacco

July 20, New Delhi: One in ten deaths would be linked to lack of exercise, according to a series of studies published in a health journal. Scientists are alarmed by a public health problem they consider “undervalued” by the authorities. Physical inactivity is very dangerous as much as smoking or use of tobacco in other […]

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Pranab Mukherjee is the 14th President of India: Gondwana University textbook.


July 18, Gadchiroli: It seems like Gondwana University is sure about the out come of the Presidential elections, where Pranab Mukherjee will take on BJP-backed nominee P A Sangma, which will be held on July 19. In a just-published textbook, the University has already described Mukherjee as “the 14th President of the country”. The book […]

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NASA scientists discover a tiny fifth moon around Pluto.


July 12, Washington: Astronomers have discovered with the Hubble Space Telescope a fifth moon orbiting the dwarf planet Pluto in our solar system, announced Wednesday, July 11 NASA. This moon, visible in the Hubble images as a spot of light, apparently irregularly shaped and measure 10 to 25 km in diameter. It is a circular […]

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Higgs boson: The existence of the God particle about to be confirmed

CERN proton-proton collision

July 4, Geneva: Physicists around the world could push Wednesday morning a sigh of relief if CERN confirms the existence of the famous Higgs boson, the missing link of elementary particles they track for decades. Since last year, the noose continues to tighten around this elusive particle without that researchers have so far managed to […]

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Skin Care During Monsoon: Facts And Tips


It’s the refreshing Monsoon time! Everything around you looks and feels bright, breezy and fresh. But does your skin too? Have you ever found your skin acting strangely during the rainy season? It is generally seen that the human skin becomes quite irritable during the rainy season. Our skin might often become oily and alternatively […]

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Thorat committee proposed to remove negative political cartoons from NCERT textbooks.


July 3 New Delhi: The six-member committee headed by Sukhadeo Thorat, chairperson of the Indian Council of Social Science Research to review NCERT’s political science textbooks for schools has said that textbooks should remove cartoons with negative references to politicians. The committee also pointed out that textbooks carry too many caricatures of the Nehru-Gandhi family […]

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