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Google buys Sparrow and its email clients for Mac OS and IOS


July 23, San Francisco: The young company Sparrow has announced its acquisition by Google. It publishes two email clients for Mac OS as well as IOS, and his staff are expected to join the team responsible for development of Gmail. Sparrow has built a reputation on the internet with his first creation: a mail client […]

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Facebook wants to provide sponsored search results

facebook-sponsored ads

July 21, San Francisco: Always looking for new growth, Facebook increases the reflections on advertising formats. Recognizing that traditional models are far from being the most effective, the social networking giant is working on original formats. After launching sponsored news, Facebook is currently testing the sponsored search results, TechCrunch reveals. For now, the search bar […]

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Microsoft announces first quarterly loss in its history


July 20, Washington: The IT giant Microsoft on Thursday released the first quarterly loss in its history, $ 492 million, reflecting a massive devaluation announced earlier this month that also leads to a fall of 27% of annual net income, to 16.98 billion. Excluding exceptional items, the American shows, however, earnings per share well above […]

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Sunita Williams all set to break her record for longest stay in space.


July 19, Baikonur: On Monday morning, a Russian Soyuz rocket lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan bound for the International Space Station (ISS). It took with it three astronauts including Sunita Williams, who already holds the record for the longest stay in space spent for a woman. New beginning for the International Space […]

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Microsoft Office 2013 customer preview released.


July 18, San Francisco: On July 16, Microsoft released a free trial of the next version of Office in an edition of “Customer Preview” freely downloaded by anyone (individuals as professionals). Office Customer Preview comes in several versions of Click-to-Run, which do not reference to the name “Office 2013”. Office 365 Family Premium Preview for […]

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Enolsoft Free YouTube Downloader enables YouTube 1080p HD video streaming more smoothly.


July 17, San Francisco: Enolsoft Co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software developer, updated their Free YouTube Downloader HD for Mac software to free download YouTube 1080p HD videos on Mac OS X (including OS X mountain Lion). This update enables YouTube 1080p HD video streaming offline more smoothly. Enolsoft Free YouTube Downloader HD for Mac […]

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Yahoo hires former google Vice President Marissa Mayer.


July 17, San Francisco: Yahoo has hired Marissa Mayer as new Group CEO. The announcement was made in line with the presentation of quarterly results of Internet pioneer group. So far, it was known primarily as one of the former collaborators of Google, even though she’s only 37 years. She began her collaboration with the […]

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Windows Phone: Nokia launches its navigation application.


July 16, San Francisco: Make it more attractive for its range of Lumia Windows Phone, Nokia has opted to develop exclusive free applications. After launching Nokia and Nokia Music Drive, Finnish announces the availability of final version of Nokia Transportation (2.1.0). As its name suggests, this is a navigation application dedicated to public transportation. Just […]

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NASA scientists discover a tiny fifth moon around Pluto.


July 12, Washington: Astronomers have discovered with the Hubble Space Telescope a fifth moon orbiting the dwarf planet Pluto in our solar system, announced Wednesday, July 11 NASA. This moon, visible in the Hubble images as a spot of light, apparently irregularly shaped and measure 10 to 25 km in diameter. It is a circular […]

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The Russian version of Wikipedia firm to protest against a law on the Internet


July 11, Moscow: Wikipedia has closed its Russian version Tuesday, July 10 for the day, and replaced its homepage by its logo in Cyrillic, canceled by a black headband. A short text explains that the participative encyclopedia protests against a law discussed in Russian Parliament to establish a blacklist of websites. “Imagine a world without […]

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