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Tamilnadu Express fire: investigating agencies suspects sabotage

tamil nadu-express-fire

Aug 1, Nellore: A day after 28 people lost their lives in a fire on the Chennai-bound Tamil Nadu Express, the railway authorities began a preliminary inquiry into the tragic incident. A full-fledged inquiry will begin when Commissioner of Railway Safety D.K. Singh arrives here on August 2. A seven-member team from the Andhra Pradesh […]

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Syria conflict: The rebels control a route to Turkey


July 30, Damascus: Syrian rebels on today Morning took over a strategic checkpoint which enables agencies to deliver reinforcements and ammunition to their comrades in Aleppo, on the third day of offensive launched by the regime forces in the second city of the country. In south-west of Aleppo, Syria’s economic capital, government forces said they […]

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Syria: bombarding continues in Aleppo


July 29, Damascus: On Saturday, after the forces of Bashar al-Assad stormed the country’s second city, Aleppo, the fighting continues. Heavy fighting resumed Sunday in Aleppo, Syria’s second city where the rebels holed up in many neighborhoods resist a military offensive, according to activists. At least four people were killed Sunday across the country according […]

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After Manmohan Singh, L K Advani too will visit riot hit Assam


July 29, Guwahati: Manmohan Singh, who reached Kokrajhar on Saturday to visit relief camps for victims of the clashes between Bodos and Muslims appealed to the people of the state to foster peace. He called for an immediate end to the violence and promised “a proper inquiry” into the clashes that have claimed 45 lives […]

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Syrian Army launched heavy assault against rebels in Aleppo, UN condemns.


July 28, Aleppo (Syria): The forces of the regime of Bashar al-Assad on Saturday launched their assault against the rebels in Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city in which control is a crucial issue of the conflict, according to a Syrian NGO. Several Western countries and the UN had expressed concern at the prospect of this […]

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Assam ethnic violence: PM visits riot hit areas


July 28, Guwahati: Amid the ongoing violence in Assam, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will visit the riot-hit areas today to evaluate the situation and review the steps taken for relief and rehabilitation of the affected people. According to reports Congress president Sonia Gandhi is also expected to accompany the Prime Minister. However there is no […]

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Syria: Assad and rebels preparing a decisive assault in Aleppo, The US fear a massacre.


July 27, Damascus: Syrian rebel forces were preparing for a decisive assault on Friday against the regular forces in Aleppo, Syria’s second city, has become a crucial issue of conflict. The troops of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, backed by heavy artillery, conducted heavy assault against the rebels in several districts of Aleppo, 355 km […]

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Assam ethnic violence continues, death toll rises to 41.


July 26, Guwahati: After a week of Bodo-Muslim ethnic violence in Assam the death toll rose to 41 on Wednesday. Over 2 lakh people from 400 villages are living in some 120 relief camps after moving out of the violence hit areas. Five more bodies were recovered from Bijni in Chirang district and three from […]

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Assam Ethnic clash continue, Army was called out in riot stricken state


July 25, Guwahati: Over 33 people were dead in the continuing violent clash in Assam between Bodo tribes and Muslim settlers from Bangladesh. More than 1,70,000 terror-stricken people fled their homes in lower Assam’s Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri districts and taken shelter in 121 relief camps. Yesterday, Police opened fire on rioters burning property in […]

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Syria threatens to use chemical weapons in case of foreign aggression

syria will use checmical weapons

July 24, Damascus: Verbal escalation or real threat? The Syrian regime acknowledged Monday for the first time possession of chemical weapons and threatened to use them in case of Western military intervention but not against its people, creating a lashing response from the United States. Acknowledging for the first time have a chemical arsenal, the […]

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